Derriford Serco

The GMB is looking for Shop Stewards (modern name ‘GMB Organisers’ – If you are interested in taking on a challenge please get in touch with our Serco Organiser Charlene Sibley or the Branch Secretary. We will be more that happy to discuss the GMB representatives role in the workplace.


Problems? Don’t wait until it makes you sick, Speak to us! – We could help you.

Charlene is more than capable of raising issues after discussion with you.

  • Before contacting your GMB Steward, please make your concerns known to your supervisor or line manager.
  • If this approach fails to deliver the support you would expect, then speak to us, we can raise the issue on your behalf after we discuss the situation with you and gather the facts.

Serco – GMB Senior Steward

img_0488Name: Charlene Sibley

Position: GMB Senior Serco Steward

Phone: 07792 807079

Description: Employed full time by Serco at Derriford Hospital. Works Rotational Shifts, week days and weekends
Before you refer to any policy in any formal process please ensure this policy is the most up to date version. If you have any questions please refer to your HR department first and take advice from your GMB Steward for support.

Serco Health Academy

Code of Conduct

Disciplinary Policy

Serco & Trade Union Collective Agreement
Serco_Collective_Engagement_Framework_Agreement_Serco_GMB_Unison_Derriford Hospital.pdf

Disciplinary, Grievance & Appeal Policy

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