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About Plymouth Health Branch

This Branch of the GMB is specifically for the NHS and private Health Sector Care Workers in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall, including contracted or private care providers.

Our Branch office is located in Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. Enter via level 6, escalate to level 9, exit the lift and turn right. Bingo!

The majority of our membership are employed at Derriford Hospital, however, about 20% are health service workers employed by Livewell SW, (Mount Gould Hospital) private care homes, community hospitals, local mental health services as well as in Cornwall Hospitals.

The Branch Secretary is based in Branch Office on level 9 of Derriford Hospital (see Meet the Team page for details of all of our Branch Reps).

Branch office open hours, working days, Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm.

The GMB is the Trade Union for NHS workers and through strong workplace organisation the GMB represents all staff within the NHS from nurses and HCA’s to admin staff, porters and domestics.  Wherever you work, the GMB has the knowledge, skills to represent you in your workplace.

GMB continues to grow in membership and ensure the healthcare is free for all at the point of use.

Join the GMB today to protect yourself at work and have a say in your future.  Are you aware that we provide indemnity cover for professional staff?