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Derriford NWQ Parking Charges to Increase by 20%

THIS INFORMATION IS FROM Derriford Hospital – Trade Unions will be discussing this matter over the coming few days and will feedback to members as needed.

Changes to Parking in the North West Quadrant (NWQ)

Aviva Investors have informed the Trust of some upcoming changes to the NWQ (commonly referred to as the gravel pit). As private owners of the NWQ, Aviva have given notice that they wish their current agreement with the Trust to cease. Aviva Investors will continue to use Indigo (now known as Saba) to manage the car parking on their behalf. A new team will be established, and the Trust employed Indigo team will no longer be involved in any aspect of managing this car park. This change will take place from Wednesday 6 March.

Aviva have confirmed that they will continue to offer staff parking on the NWQ from 6 March.

Changes that will come into place after Wednesday 6 March:

1)    There will be a new management arrangement in place, so queries about parking on the NWQ will no longer be dealt with by the parking desk at the main entrance, or by members of the Trust’s Indigo parking team.

2)    The existing barrier that operate using Trust identification badges will no longer be used. Aviva are planning to install new parking controls – information will be provided to those who apply for a permit. It is likely that this will be through a replacement parking card.

3)    Aviva have also informed us that they intend to increase the cost of parking in this car park from £2.50 to £3 (per day) from 25 March. We understand that they may offer discounted rates for those who pay monthly.

What this will mean for NWQ users? *Immediate Action*

Aviva Investors have asked that you apply for a replacement permit for the NWQ by email to Aviva have not indicated what form the replacement permits will take, but have advised users to get in touch as soon as possible in order to avoid disruption to access during the changeover.

Wasn’t a decision made to freeze increase to car parking charges?

The Board agreed to freeze increases to car park charges in April 2018 for the Trust-operated car parks. Under the Agreement that the Trust had with Aviva Investors, the Trust has managed prevent increases in charging on the privately-owned NWQ over the past few years. The change to management and subsequent increase to NWQ charge is the independent decision of Aviva Investors as owners and is outside of the Trust’s influence.

I park in a Trust Car Park/Multi-Storey Car Park, will this affect me?

You won’t be affected by these changes as those car parks are run by the Trust. These changes only relate to the NWQ car park, which is owned by Aviva Investors, who are completely independent to the Trust and are the land owners. No further action is required if you park in a Trust owned car park.

What are my other choices?

NWQ users have typically been unsuccessful at obtaining a permit for the main Trust car parks. For staff looking for alternative parking arrangements, we recommend considering the public park and ride site located north of Derriford Hospital at the George Junction. Parking is free, although you will need to purchase a ticket to travel on the bus. The Park and Ride site is also only and 15 to 20 minute walk away from the hospital.

More information about the public transport links that operate across Plymouth can be found at: This includes up to date timetable information for the bus links across the City, and information on bus passes.

Alternatively, take a look at our Car Share portal to see if someone who has a car parking permit is passing through your neighbourhood and could offer you a lift.

How do I find out more?

For more information about these changes, or any queries, we have been advised that you should email

Posted: 25th February 2019

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