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Serco – NHS 3 year AfC Pay deal

In the recent GMB ballot on NHS England pay, an overwhelming 87% of GMB members voted to reject the pay offer. GMB was the only trade union to reject the pay offer.

All other NHS trade unions voted to accept the offer and therefore the pay offer will be imposed. However, the GMB campaign for fair pay and secure terms in the NHS continues. GMB members voted to reject the pay offer to let the government know that after almost a decade of austerity and real term pay cuts, enough is enough. GMB Members are now to be consulted as to what the next steps in this campaign will be.

This is a consultative ballot only at this stage for you to let us know what you would be willing to do next. This is not a formal ballot for industrial action. This is for the GMB to determine strength of feeling amongst our members. It’s vitally important that you have your say so please make sure you take part in this vote. GMB Rule is that we require 50% support from members to call strike action and two thirds of those to have voted in favour of industrial action.

GMB will be holding meetings across out regions. If you want further information about meetings organised by your Region please contact your Region direct.

If you are unable to contact your Region please e-mail

The documents at the top of this page are Serco-wide documents. Serco will be putting in some “drop in sessions” for staff to enable you to raise any questions you may have. The dates for these are To be confirmed but will be displayed on the Serco noticeboard outside the Serco office on level 3. If these are arranged we will circulate the information via this website and our Facebook page.

If Serco receive sufficient queries of a similar nature they will issue a FAQ document to assist staff in understanding the changes.

Below is a copy of the original government pay offer.

You are advised to read and understand what this means for you.

NHS+Staff+Council+Framework+agreement+21+March+2018 copy

NHS Employers pay calculator


NOTE – THE GMB was the only Trade Union who recommended that its members reject this offer. Our members voted to reject it and the GMB is currently undertaking a consultative ballot on possible options. ALL Other Trade Unions and their members accepted this offer and as a result the government have applied the pay rise to you.

Posted: 16th July 2018

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